Reconstruction of the Pharmacy


The interior design of the pharmacy was old and it needed a fresh touch, regarding construction and interior design. We upgraded and replaced old electrical wiring mechanical elements and re-designed entry, lobby and replaced all furniture with new including countertops and floors. We could easily said we ripped out the whole place while maintaining power to be on to obtain medicine to be properly stored.   Carrara marble was installed on countertop floor as well as  load-bearing columns.

Above: Situation before re-construction

Above: New situation of Construction

Above: Situation with new cabinets


Above: Situation with new Equipment

Above: Cross section

President: Sabina Grm, MSc Pharm

I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Maja Sokolic Skrinjar during the renovation of our Pharmacy in the Velenje city centre. She was the project manager and the coordinator between contractors and investors. The renovation was extensive, covering various construction work and installation of mechanical, electrical, and pharmaceutical equipment.
As the renovation needed to be carried out in a very short period of time, there were always many workers of various trades, both civil, mechanical as well as carpenters, working at the same time.
The job was very demanding due to the large number of subcontractors and funding limitations. Maja demonstrated remarkable capacity for coordination and the ability to deal with unforeseen situations. She always maintained a professional attitude towards contractors, as well as the investor.
Based on the experience of many months of cooperation with her I can say that I would be very happy if I could work with her in the future. She has extensive expertise in the field, as well readiness for teamwork and understanding for co-workers. I would therefore highly recommend her to anyone. I have no reservations as to her performing well in the any work environment.

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